Personalised Nutrition Consultations


Nutrition plays a key role in health and in tackling many health conditions. Putting the right foods into your body can improve energy levels, mental clarity, vitality and sleep quality.  Eating well can also play an important role in the management of many other health conditions such as arthritis, digestive disorders and diabetes. Nutritional Therapy Consultations are designed to take all aspects of your health into consideration and aim to look at the relationship between your health and your current diet. Only foods that support your particular health condition will appear on your food plan. If necessary, your appointment can be supported with diagnostic testing to pinpoint your problems more accurately.      

Nutrition Consultancy

Before the consultation?

When you book an appointment, you will sent a detailed health and diet questionnaire which will includes details of your health, your goals and your current lifestyle.  In addition you will be asked to fill out a 3 day food diary.This questionnaire and food diary must be returned to me at least 24 hours before your consultation by email or post. This allows me to build a better picture of your health concerns, symptoms and diet, allowing me to be more targeted during our consultation.Please bring any supplements or medicines you are taking along with you to the consultation.

Welcome to my Virtual-Clinic

If you cannot make it to one of my clinics in person, you can still have an appointment with me at my Virtual-Clinic using either Skype or Zoom.  I work with people from all over the world and bring nutrition advice directly to you, wherever you are.  This type of appointment is still face to face and will be just as individual as when you come to see me in person. Through  Zoom, I am able to to share documents and handouts with you in real time, in the same way as I would when you were in my practice.

At the consultation

Your initial consultation will last approximately 90 minutes. During this time you will be asked about your goals, current health concerns, medical history, current symptoms, food habits, lifestyle and any medications you are taking. I use the techniques of functional medicine to assess your health. You will receive an assessment of your current diet, any possible deficiencies will be identified as well as any areas for improvement. You will be given a personal nutrition programme which will contain recommendations specific to your particular needs. All advice will be thoroughly explained to you during the consultation.You will also receive handouts and recipes to help you with your programme. You may be offered a supplement programme to support the efficacy if the programme. Your appointment includes short email support with your practitioner, just in case you have any questions after the consultation.

Follow-Up Appointments

Most people will require 1 or 2 shorter follow-up consultations to assess their progress or to make small changes to their programme. A second consultation usually takes place 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. This is a chance to assess progress, make amendments to your diet or supplement programme and can move you onto the next stage of your programme.

Additional Information

Although optional, nutritional supplements or specific laboratory tests, such as food intolerance testing, DNA testing of Digestive health testing may be recommended to assist your programme. Appointments are also available to children under the age of 16, however parental attendance will normally be required. Skype or remote consultations are often available on request. These are charged at the same rate as a standard appointment. All consultations are treated in the strictest confidence.

Consultation Costs

Personalised Nutrition Consultation 90 mins

Skype Nutrition Consultation 90 mins

Follow-up Nutrition Consultation 45 mins

Bespoke Nutrition Service – This service to suitable for those clients who require an even more personalised service.  I work directly with my clients to offer them a complete package to meet their nutrition, lifestyle and supplement needs. This is charged per hour and depends on the complexity of the case. I am able to analyse existing test results, including genetics tests to add an extra level of personalisation.